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Connect your domain if it's not connected to your Webhosting package.

If you ordered a domain from us, and it's not connected. You can or contact us or configure it your self.

It usually connects automatically. If it's not the case, go in your client area > manage your domain > DNS management.

Once you are in DNS management, you can add an A record or a CNAME.

For the A record, you can enter your domain (, and as IP you can get it in the "New account information" mail your received when you got you bought your Webhosting package.

You can also enter a CNAME from your domain to the "Server Name" you received in the mail as well.

If you need IPV6 (AAAA) records you can contact us we will provide you with the IPV6 of your machine.

The easiest way to fix this issue is to contact us; you can do it anytime.

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