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Connect your domain to your hosting

When you order a new web hosting, it is very likely that it is not yet connected to your web hosting. There are several ways to do this, we will present the easiest ways to do this. If you wish, you can also contact our support and we will gladly help you.

Our DNS servers for web hosting are the following:

Change your NS records

Nothing could be easier! To do this, manage your domain. In our case, we will show it on a domain hosted by us, but know that the procedure is very often similar with other domain providers.

In your Poli Systems client interface ( simply click on "My Domains".

Then simply click on the concerned domain which should be hosted by us.

When you are here choose "Nameservers" from the menu on the right.

Now choose "Use custom nameservers" and enter the following names:

Don't forget to press "Change Nameservers"

Change your records manually

On your web server (which you can easily access from the client interface) you have a "DNS Management" button

Vous trouverez ici tous les enregistrements nécessaires à mettre dans votre DNS (qu'il soit gérer par nous ou non).


DNS records can take up to 48 hours to propagate so be patient! Normally it's pretty fast, but if not, just wait and it will happen.

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