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Order security

If you are unsure about your order, firstly you can contact us anytime!

Internet is a very waste place, and scams are pretty standard. We use the following securities on our website.

  • Our website is secured everywhere with an End to End encryption. We are using TLS 1.2 or 1.3. The version below are not accepted to prevent security issues.
  • You pass through two big security points. Frstly you go through Cloudflare to access our website, which prevents DDOS attacks or any attacks in general. 

  • Trought Cloudflare, you will go on their server, then secondly, you go by our side and come at us with an SSL/TLS certificate. 
  • All our servers are protected with ultra-high-end DDOS protection so your order won't be stopped because an attacker tries to put our services down. For layer 7 attacks, we recommend you to connect your website to Cloudflare.
  • For payments, we use the official website's of the payment service to make sure that you are secured. For example, you are going on when you pay with PayPal. For Wallee, you get a lightbox from their website. So we don't proceed with the payment. They do it for us.
  • All our administrative password from the mail and management interface are at least 24 characters long. They are all different, so it will be tough to hack our administrative users no matter what.
  • We use ReCaptcha, you undoubtedly saw it on the bottom right of your screen there is a little wheel. To prevent robots, we use this invisible captcha technology if we suspect someone to be a robot, we check it.
  • If you use an ad blocker, you will see surely notice about google analytics. We use Google Analytics to see where our users go and also to see if there are robots or malicious peoples around.
  • We never show the main server IP. All traffic goes through Cloudflare, and it's not possible to find our main server IP wich prevent SSH brut force attacks or attacks of these kinds.
  • We tried our self to test our website around with systems such as SSLlab, Mail-tester, securi.
  • Many rules like the nosniff and same-origin are set up in our .htaccess file to prevent clickjacking and drive-by-downloads.
  • Our machines are only accessible with SSH-Keys with RSA4096 or ED25519 with double authentification.
  • Our machines are using custom FireHol ban lists. We have custom firewalls to prevent DDoS attacks.
  • We enabled the CSAM scanning tool to scan our tickets to prevent child sexual abuse material (CSAM) in them. If you are interested in turning it on on your website, look at this blog article

And why should you trust us to buy something?

Well, naturally, we have excellent support, we have fast replies, and we do not have any bad reputation. You can always ask us if you need more help.

Already multiple companies trust us, why not you?

We also recommend you to join our discord to get more help. You can also open a ticket.

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