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Order informations

You are indeed concerned about order security if you want to get more information about it, you can first read our article about it.

  • The delivery times are instant for your virtual machines, except if you use the bank transfer, it will be activated once we receive your payment.
  • If we don't deliver your machine instantly, it can be because of the following reasons :
    • Our fraud checking system flagged your order, we will need to review it manually.
    • The item has no stock.
    • The automatic install failed for any reason one of our engineers will automatically check it.
    • The item is manually provisioned.
  • You will be able to access a management panel once your order is activated by going in the client arena > Services > My Services and press on your service.
  • On this panel, you will be able to manage your IP, vnc, reset your machine, restart and so on.
  • You are billed every month or annually on the same date that you did the order (except the month for the monthly subscription)
  • If you don't pay, we will stop your services automatically.
  • You have 14 days to pay your invoice. If you don't pay during this time, there is a HIGH RISK we remove your virtual machine.
  • Even if the traffic is unlimited, we still want fair use by your side. (It's unlimited, but if you keep using 1gb/s, for example we will need to slow you down)

As always, you can contact us here if you need any advice.

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