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Welcome to the Wiki

Poli Systems created this wiki for every user around, clients or not. We created this wiki to give peoples advice, tutorials and information about Linux system administration, web hosting services, management using panels such as Plesk. Of course, this wiki will mainly focus on products that Poli Systems sells.

How to navigate in this wiki

On the left of your screen ←←←← you will find all the pages of this wiki.

And on the top right you can search for a page.

Note that it's also possible to change the language on the top right.


Billing contains all information about Order security, billing and so on.


This section contains all information about domains, including SSL information and how to set it up.


Here you can find information about hosting such as Web hosting, Game hosting,...

In all those sections, you can find tutorials and explanations on how to do specific actions.


We created this wiki to help out. It needs to be considered as a help, more like an FAQ. We aren't responsible for any damages to your material, machines.

Read correctly every line of a page before applying it.


This wiki is open-source (while still being on Copyright). You can freely correct it by making a pull request on Github.

© Poli Systems GmbH