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What is S3?

In a simple way S3 is a file system. Instead of saving data in a conventional way, we save "objects" (like Word files) in buckets (which are kind of folders).

S3 is very practical to store data in a massive way. Netflix uses it to store files of movies and series for example.

PS : If you are looking to set it up to backup your Synology NAS here is the guide.

Advantages and disadvantages

The great thing about S3 is that it can be stored in several locations easily. There is no space limit, and it is flexible. You can make versions of the files, which allows you to go back.

The main disadvantage of S3 is that it is not very easy to use compared to a simple folder. But we will solve this problem here!

Use cases

S3 can be used in all kinds of cases here are some examples:

  • Storage of very large files
  • Storage for a private cloud
  • Storage of backups in a highly available way
  • Storage of backups with versions (e.g. virtual machines)
  • Storage of archives
  • Storage for security and compliance (taxes,...)

There are many ways to use S3. But the most interesting is archiving, as there is no size limit.

Why you need S3 storage

First of all this service is cheap depending on the provider (like us). Maintaining your own storage infrastructure can be expensive, for example if a disk fails it is your responsibility. It's reassuring, you won't be afraid to lose your data.

There are many other reasons but we let you discover them by yourself.

Why S3 is cheaper

There are several factors that come into play. The first is that you only pay for what you need. You don't need to plan or pay for "future" use. The second is that you don't pay for the equipment, electricity, rent or internet connection. And yes, it does get expensive if you have to do the math. The third is that in the future you will not have to buy new equipment, unfortunately we will have to pay for it for you!

And finally the price per TB is even cheaper in the end!

How to use S3 the easy way

To connect to your first S3 service we recommend using This software is very easy to use.

Install it on your PC and then go to your Poli Systems customer area. Choose the S3 service and take your login information.

Then fill in the information like here.

Press Save, and you are connected to your S3 service.

To add a file or a folder you just have to slider it in the window.

On the left you will find your buckets (for example here I have only the default bucket).

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